Our chef has taken our own traditional well-loved family recipes and has perfected it by infusing and combining different elements and flavors with Western herbs and spices making every dish uniquely our own.  By creatively uniting the very best elements of classic, traditional, south-east Asian cuisines, with an updated approach and compliments of Western influence, our dishes are impacted by different depths of flavors.  Therefore, you can be sure that everything on the menu is pack with fresh ingredients and has an explosion of flavors in every bite!  While our menu is a culinary tour across Vietnam & parts of south-east Asia, the restaurant’s eponymous title and much of the cuisine,  is a tribute to the chef’s birthplace and cultural heritage of Hà Nội, Việt Nam. 

 Although, the taste is very familiar from all the famous dishes that have been served by many Pho restaurants in San Diego, it has a certain distinguished flavors, unbelievable goodness, and healthier, that makes it surprising unknown and unlike all the others.  Our vision has always been striving to create unique, flavorful, healthier Asian dishes, made fresh with a wide variety of vegetables and lean meats that are low in fats and calories, without sacrificing authenticity and taste.  For previous and continuing efforts, we were recognized and supported by different members of congress and local community based programs like, Strive! San Diego, which is a program to help increase the awareness and importance of healthier dining options in order to eat well and live well!